Clowning Around 

Incorporating fun whenever possible is so important for kids – even adults too. So on Wednesday, when I was volunteering in Child Life, I was given the opportunity to work at bedside with a young girl. During my visit she had to get her central line flushed and detached. Even though I’m “only” a volunteer, the nurse on staff ensured that my role as a Child Life volunteer was used to help during the speedy procedure. This little girl handled it like a pro, and regardless of whether or not I helped her, I felt proud.

Every member of a child’s medical team is so so important. But, there has been one member of staff who I have found to be so crucial in brightening a child’s day. His name is Ollie and he is a therapy clown. He’s remarkable…simply remarkable. While his job may seem so simple, so basic, there’s so much more that goes into it. He reminds these sick kids that even in a scary place, there’s always room for laughter, and he does a fantastic job.

Plus, as an added bonus, he gives great manicures 😉

Sharpie Manicure

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