The Struggle

Last week I began seriously researching my child life internship options. Luckily, the Canadian Association of Child Life Leaders (CACLL) provides a handy PDF document with a list of all of the health care organizations across Canada that offer child life internships. Cool, right? What’s not so cool is that because I am not doing my child life program through McMaster University like any other Canadian child life student that I know, most institutions will not accept me as an applicant as they are not affiliated with my school. Excellent. Just a small bump in the road.

So what are my options? Well, I have called and emailed 12 of the locations in Ontario…3 of them are not affiliated with my school, 2 of them no longer offer child life services, and the other 7 I have yet to hear back from. Of these remaining 7 locations, 1 is in Windsor (close to home!), 3 are in Toronto, 2 are in Hamilton, and 1 is in Ottawa (too far, but worth asking).

So where does this leave me? Well, I have 7 (8 including London) locations I am waiting to hear back from…so I guess this leaves me slightly farther from where I started, but not close enough to the answers I am hoping to hear.

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