The Struggle; Part 2

About 20 days ago I wrote about my internship search, so today I would like to take the opportunity to provide an update on where I am at in my search.

Where I left off:

“called and emailed 12 of the locations in Ontario…3 of them are not affiliated with my school, 2 of them no longer offer child life services, and the other 7 I have yet to hear back from. Of these remaining 7 locations, 1 is in Windsor (close to home!), 3 are in Toronto, 2 are in Hamilton, and 1 is in Ottawa (too far, but worth asking)”

Where I’m at now;

I have still yet to hear back from 3 of the remaining 7 locations, while the others have responded and unfortunately have no affiliation with my school and therefore cannot accept me as an applicant. I then discovered that my school is technically not affiliated with any programs, as students are required to independently arrange their own placement. I am totally fine finding a location on my own, it’s just a matter of a place willing to accept me in spite of my lack of affiliation.

That being said, I discovered one other hospital in the GTA which has a very small child life program. They have (to my knowledge) only one CLS on staff, which I find to be fascinating and I would imagine would be very interesting to learn from. In addition, it is my hope that next week during my child life shift I will be able to have the opportunity to sit down with the director of the program to discuss the possibility of interning there as well. Maybe I can even split up my hours and do half at each location. There’s never too many opportunities for learning that can be taken advantage of and my current philosophy has been, the more exposure, the better.

So for those that have been following along, that is my update πŸ™‚ keep your fingers crossed for me!

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