Calling All Canadians!!

As a Canadian student studying Child Life through the US, I have hit a lot of bumps (mostly regarding my internship, but more about that at a later date). I came into contact with a fellow Canadian studying in Ohio who is coming across the same bumps as myself. With that, we decided to create a Facebook group specifically for Canadian students aspiring to be Child Life Specialists.

With that, we are putting the word about our group to as many forums and relevant chat groups that we can because we believe it is important that we all stay connected during this process. Similar to the reason I wanted to create this blog – there is usually more than one way of doing something and I think it’s important to share your story when it may be different than the norm. We created this page for all of us to have a common place to connect, share ideas, difficulties, and ask questions that we may all be having.

One thing I have learned is that though Child Life may be competitive, there is an enormous amount of resources to help you and tons of people willing to share what they know. It’s time to start taking advantage of that and providing each other with a helping hand.

So, if you are a Canadian student studying in Canada, the USA, or abroad, please click the link below and send a request to join the group. If you’re a CCLS who studied in Canada or is working in Canada, we’d love to hear from you as well! Or if you’re an American CCLS and just want to know more about the obstacles we may be facing or would like to provide advice for us students, welcome aboard! Our idea was that since Child Life is predominantly American, it would be nice to have a “meeting place” for us Canadians looking to work on our home turf.

Click here to access the Facebook page and feel free to send a request!!

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