Why Wednesdays are Better than Fridays

I think that it is important to have something to look forward to every week. Whether it’s a day off, an outing with friends, or a relaxing evening with no work to do. I think that having something in a week to look forward to will give you a constant feeling of excitement which will improve your week. Take that one step farther and have a consistently pleasant thing that happens each week; something planned, that you know is going to happen and you willΒ alwaysΒ have something to look forward to! ItΒ can be something as simple as a TV show that comes on on Thursday nights, or Take-out Tuesday, or Friday because that means it’s almost the weekend. Anything that makes you excited, will give you a sense of excitement throughout the days leading up to that moment!

For me, my excitement stems from knowing that Wednesdays are my volunteer days! With 8 full hours of volunteering every Wednesday, a lot of people ask me if it’s tiring or how I can put in so many hours when I’m not getting paid for them. To me it’s quite simple – I’d rather volunteer my time doing something that brings myself and others joy than to get paid for doing something I hate. Yes, money is important, but I think being happy matters more. So yes, I take out one full day a week from work to dedicate to volunteering.

From about 1:00pm until 3:00pm I volunteer in Child Life which is obviously wonderful. It gives me the chance to see skills I’ve been learning through school put in action in a child life setting. From 3:00 until 4:00 I go down to the Paediatric Family Resource Centre and help with whatever is needed there and then at 4:00 I head to the Ronald McDonald House. I stay there until 9:00pm and it is fabulous.

Wednesdays are very long days, but they’re long days that I genuinely enjoy having. Every week when Wednesday is over, I start looking forward to the next Wednesday that will be coming my way.

So that’s my favourite day of the week. What’s yours? What do you look forward to every week? If you don’t have anything, try to get one started! You’ll notice a change in yourself when you start having something to look forward to and participate in that makes you genuinely happy πŸ™‚

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