The Struggle; Part 3

The internship search continues…

In the last 11 days since I posted about my search, a lot has happened. This week particularly was very stress full –  making phone calls, sending emails, and crossing my fingers. At this point I believe that I have called every hospital with a children’s unit in Canada and have been turned down by all of them. On the plus side, everyone is very supportive and understanding of my struggle. Kind words and empathy are nice, but it still doesn’t give me an internship position… I didn’t realize trying to find a position in Canada would be so difficult if I studied in the States…

I am waiting on two more places to get back to me. I’m not hoping, but I’m hopeful.

What have I taken from this experience thus far? Well, I’ve learned that the system in Canada, as far as child life internships, is not an easy one to work with. What else have I learned? Nothing yet … I have more questions than answers at this point. A lot of “I don’t know” and “I’m waiting to find out”.

It’s hard when you’re entering a field that is so small, but there is one thing I’ve noticed. In spite of how competitive this field may be, everyone is so helpful and encouraging. Other students are willing to help each other out, and current and past CCLS’ are open and honest about their experiences and what students should expect. It’s refreshing and while this search has been brutal, to say the least, it’s fantastic knowing that the support system is so strong among everyone.

I believe that everyone seriously pursuing this field is suited for it and genuinely wants to make a difference. It’s hard competing for spots in academic programs, internship positions, and jobs when we all fundamentally want to do the same thing – to make sick kids happy.

Long story short…I know that I will be an excellent Child Life Specialist one day. And if I’ve learned anything over the last 22 years it’s that nothing goes exactly as planned, so I’ve stopped being disappointed in dead ends. Things will work out, I will find somewhere to intern, someone will see me for my passion, and someone will take a chance on me and the unique path I’ve chosen. So until then, I will be waiting, working, and praying.

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