Home Time

Although it isn’t Thanksgiving here in Canada, I am heading home to spend the weekend with my family. In a way, I’m considering it my own little holiday vacation.

I have had a stressful couple of weeks, between school stress, job stress, and internship-search stress…so…I decided some quality home time was needed. I am writing this on my train ride home and thinking about sleeping in my bed for three whole nights, having home cooked meals, and spending time with my relatives makes me sigh with relief. You see, my family is unlike many others. We are as enormous in number as we are in heart. So…just how enormous in number are we? Well,Β I have two parents and one sister. BUT, between both sides of my family I have two grandmothers, 20 aunts and uncles, 47 first cousins, and 42 (soon to be 44) second cousins.

I don’t know all of these family members (newer members anyway). On my dad’s side, everyone is relatively spread out across the provinces, but we keep track of each other via Facebook. About a third of us are locally located, and the rest are disbursed. Mom’s side on the other hand, is all local.

So what does my family dynamic have to do with child life? Good question. maybe nothing…maybe everything. My family has been my first and most encouraging support system. They understand my goals and why this path is an important one for me to follow. I have lived away from home for five years…but no matter how far I go, I know I ALWAYS have a place to go back to and that no matter what, there will be people waiting for me with arms open.

This internship search has really showed me that I will have to be open to travelling if I’m serious about pursuing Child Life – which I am. I used to say no to travel…I was scared of adventure and scared of change. But ironically, that changed. My boyfriend played a very large part in bringing out that side of me…another wonderful member of my support system, someone I love dearly and am thankful for everyday.

I want to live a life powered by love and I think I’m well on my way to achieving that. I’ve got family that I love, a boyfriend I adore, an education leading me towards my passion, but most importantly a love for myself I never thought I’d see.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Enjoy your weekend and take some time to count your blessings.Β 11220097_10154193510461002_4008452367605127852_n.jpg

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