Riding the Waves

You’ve probably heard, “life is like a rollercoaster”…that’s what I was going to title this post actually. But after a little more thought I decided that “roller coaster” wasn’t the exact thing I was looking for. I thought about how I feel when I’m on a roller coaster……

…..maybe it’s just me, but my roller coaster experience is a series of very dramatic mood changes. Lately, life has not been quite that drastic. Rather it has been like a wavy lake, or ocean. Slow, steady, ups and downs. One after the other. And I feel like I’ve just been riding the waves, up and down, up and down, up and down. I feel like I haven’t had one really big up and up and up just yet. Not lately anyways. I haven’t hit a plateau exactly, just a lull.

Now, to clarify, this isn’t to say that good things haven’t happened, because they HAVE! Some really cool things actually! Stay tuned!Β All I’m saying is that after a good thing happens, it seems like one negative thing happens. Nothing terrible, life threatening, or totally tragic…just an “oh well this sucks” situation. So what is getting me through my lull right now? Honestly? Christmas music. Specifically? Celine Dion’s Christmas songs. When my mom, dad, sister and I used to decorate the house for Christmas, mom would put this album on. So a little bit of nostalgia is making me smile through my lull. In fact, after writing this I’m wondering if I’ve hit a lull at all. I mean yes, technically that’s what this is, but it’s not the end of the world. In fact, life is going to be full of good and bad, as it has been up until now. I think it’s just a matter of finding the things – big or small – that help remind you of happy times, beautiful people, and all of the ups that we’ve yet to experience.


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