Saying Goodbye to 2015

I am terribly sorry for my blogging silence the last few weeks – the holidays have kept me pretty busy and not feeling very literary.

BUT! On January 4th I begin TWO new courses for my Child Life certificate:

  • Administration and Development of Child Life Programs
  • Death, Dying, and Grief in Paediatric Care

I am super excited to begin both. My first course, the intro to Child Life class, went SO well. I did really well, learned a lot, and realized that it’s true – when you really enjoy something, you set more time out of your day to do it and do better at it. I have been away from London and so I have not volunteered in almost three weeks. I’m excited to get back to the city and spend some time at the hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.

Also, I have been job hunting for a little while now, and that will be continuing in the new year – please wish me luck. It’s a tough market out there!!

Stay tuned for more Child Life things in 2016!

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and has a fantastic New Years!


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