The Struggle: Part 3

Hi all! Sorry for the delay – 2016 has been busy so far.

My two new Child Life courses began this week – Development and Administration of Child Life Programs, and Death, Dying, and Grief in Paediatric Care – two courses I’m very excited to dive in to!

I am most excited to begin the Development and Administration course simply because I want to learn about Child Life programs are created and executed in the event that I one day decide to begin a one-person program or a private practice.

After these two courses are complete, I have one more course (Assessment, Preparation, and Medical Terminology) that I’ll be taking in the Spring and then I will take my internship for credit through UCSB. When that’s finished, I will have my Child Life Certificate from UCSB and I can begin prepping for my Child Life exam!

Now, a few months ago I was on an intense search to find an internship location. Since then, a lot has happened and I have come to some conclusions.Β I am going to postpone applying for internships until the Fall (2016), rather than apply for Summer positions. I decided this for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the deadline quickly approached and I was not going to be able to get everything (reference letters, transcripts, and CLC course validations) together in time for my applications to be sent for the deadline. That was the biggest thing. I could have gotten most of it all together, but it would have been rushed, and for something of this importance, I want time and care to be taken into doing it. So for that reason initially, I had no choice but to wait. I was disappointed in myself originally, because I felt unprepared, but I realized that it was okay. For a lot of other reasons, I decided that this is the right decision. I am on lease at my apartment in London until August. If I stay here and work in London until then, this provides me with four more months I can spend volunteering and researching more internship opportunities. This will also provide me with the opportunity to save up, so I will feel more financially secure if I do need to move farther away for my internship.

I’m pretty satisfied with my decision. I also decided that I should be more open to travelling for my internship, as securing an independent internship will not be easy. I have landed at four hospitals that I want to apply to, but I think I need to expand my horizons and do some more, including those in the US, even though that will require a little more work if I were to get accepted. However, I think it would be an amazing experience and since this is something I have always wanted, I’m going to do whatever I have to do to ensure that this works out.

That’s all for now! I hope your 2016 has been off to a great start.


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