Back from M.I.A.

Wow, I haven’t posted anything in almost a month! Insane! Time has just been flying right by and I am trying so hard to hang on to things but man, this has been tough.

I’m going to post an update soon on my internship search. I have some major updates! But before you get excited, no I don’t have any offers yet (I haven’t even finished putting together applications), but I have made some major headway and some good developments.

But I have something way more important to address in this post.

For those who do not know what SickKids is, it is a world-renowned children’s hospital located in Toronto, ON. It is an unreal institution. I have never been treated there, or even stepped foot in it, but I know plenty of people that have worked/volunteered/been a patient at SickKids and I have heard nothing but positive reviews from every angle.

Today, a friend of mine shared a petition saying “petition against SickKids name change!”… I immediately looked into that. Apparently, some “life coach” wants to change the name to something more “positive”. This is what I have to say about that…

There is nothing wrong with being sick. It’s not a label, it’s a fact. And the fact that some people would rather waste money on changing this world-renowned hospital’s name than using the money to help the SICK KIDS is mind boggling to me. It is a hospital for sick children; that’s exactly what it is and the name should be reflective of that. The hospital for magic children?? Give me a break. We aren’t magic. We’re sick. There’s nothing extra magic or extra special about having an illness. Kids are far more resilient and smart than some people give them credit for. This name isn’t negative, it’s honest, and that’s what kids deserve – honesty and truth regarding what they’re going through. It’s OKAY to be sick. One of the first things they told me when I was diagnosed with cancer was that I didn’t do something bad to get sick and that it was not my fault. Being ill is not something to be ashamed of and no child should have to feel like it is. By changing this name to cover up the word “sick” is not going to make a child in the hospital feel better about themselves or their illness.

If you agree with me and others that wasting time and money on this is not only unnecessary but ridiculous, then please sign this petition.

If you’re interested in reading what the starter of this has to say on the subject, you can find the Toronto Sun article here.

I will get back to school and life updates later this week πŸ™‚ Here’s wishing everyone a fantastic start to their week!!


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