Child Life Month!!

It’s finally March – and you know what that means!! CHILD LIFE MONTH! I LOVE Child Life Month; it gives an excellent reason to celebrate and promote this awesome field everyday for a whole month. I tend to talk about Child Life more than just March, but why not dedicate a whole month to it if we can right?

So in honour of Child Life Month I would like to share a photo of my bravery beads with all of you. For those that are unaware of the Bravery Beads (or Beads of Courage) program, please read below:

Bravery Beads Program: “[Patients]Β can then collect beads to acknowledge the many experiences they face over the course of treatment. Each child can create a unique necklace of beads, with each bead representing different elements of the treatment process”

This month is going to be incredibly busy for me…internship applications are due in TWO WEEKS, my courses are wrapping up, and the usual work and volunteering. So I’m sorry if I don’t post too often! But I will do my best πŸ™‚

Until next time, Happy Child Life Month!!!



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