The Struggle: Part 4

The day has come and gone – internship applications have been sent in! Part of me wants to hold my breath until I hear if I got an interview while another part of me wants to celebrate the fact that I have come this far and have made it to this step! Some days I’m the first part, other days I’m the second, and more often than not I’m too busy to spend time worrying about something I no longer have any control over (a fib, sure…but anything to ease my nerves right?).

This is what my living room floor looked like for about two weeks…


Those are the sacred envelopes…some crazy part of me wanted to put yellow caution tape around those bad boys…NOBODY TOUCH. I was scared even the smallest movement would ruin everything…. is this what med school applicants feel like?? Can’t handle it!

When I first began my internship search, I was very stressed and very overwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong…I’m still stressed and overwhelmed, but for an entirely different reason. When I first began searching for internships, I really didn’t think it was going to be that difficult….until I called nearly every hospital in Canada with a child life program and was told they don’t accept independent interns. Back to the drawing board. My list of internship locations quickly grew as I decided that if child life is something I really wanted to do, I was going to have to work with the system, and not against it. That is when I decided to seriously start exploring options in the States. Initially I was against going to the states for a few reasons…1. I didn’t want to have to go through the process of getting a student visa (still no clue how it works but I’ll figure it out when/if the time comes), 2. I didn’t want to have to relocate so far away where I would have to work for 15 weeks without pay because how is anyone supposed to do that (needless to say I’ve decided if there’s a will, there’s a way), and 3. I was mostly angry at the fact that Canadian hospital policies make it so difficult for Canadian students to pursue child life internships if their school is unaffiliated with their hospitals.  I want to see a change to the system here in Canada. I’m not saying it needs to be easy for students to secure an internship…I’m not saying hospitals should accept everyone. What I’m saying is I would like the system to change to allow students to sign affiliation agreements with hospitals, and be provided with the opportunity to secure their own liability insurance. There are some Canadian hospitals that do, but not many…seriously…only one or two that I can think of. But that is a change that may never occur or may have to take place slowly; only time will tell. However it is my hope that the more it is talked about, the greater chance it will have to be changed to provide students with greater learning opportunities here in Canada.

Okay, I’m done with that now. Moving on.

Check out my next post for step-by-step “instructions” on how I went about determining internship locations, organizing who needs what, dates, names, and other relevant info. Keep in mind, I just sent these out last week…I have obviously never done a child life internship and based on what I’ve read, the probability of me getting even an interview on my first shot is slim…so don’t take what I have to say to seriously, ok?

See you on the other side.


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