Be a little #McHappy

As always I am sure I am returning to an enormous audience of people anxiously awaiting my offer day news. I know … I amped it up so much and nothing! No post? Stay tuned…more on that later! πŸ™‚

First thing’s first…McHappy Day was one week ago! For those who are unfamiliar with this wonderful day, allow me to break it down. McHappy Day is a day in which (the vast majority of) McDonald’s restaurants decorate, sell, and celebrate the wonderful-ness that is the Ronald McDonald House. My House is in London as part of Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario and you can bet I devoured my Big Mac in honour of such an amazing place.

McDonald’s was crazy busy – as is any McHappy Day. Many kids were confused as to why the restaurant was so jam packed and parents, from what I saw, were happy to explain to them that on this day everyone is here to buy something to support the Ronald McDonald House and proceeded to explain what it was. Following our Big Mac dinner my friend and I headed to the House to begin our volunteer shift – conveniently falling on McHappy Day – and what an incredible celebration it was! Photos of past families, people bringing in donations, andΒ smilesΒ everywhere! Everyone was so darn McHappy!

For those that do not know much about the Ronald McDonald House, I strongly urge you to look in to donating some time to your local chapter. If you are considering entering a field that is related to health care or family studies/care, this would be the perfect place to get some experience. Not sure you can commit to a steady shift? No worries! Houses are always looking for groups to donate their time and energy in cooking meals for families or baking treats. See my fellow RMH volunteer (also named Alex) below as we pose with Mike, our House mascot and official greeter during our McHappy Day shift last week.

The Ronald McDonald House is an amazing place filled with fabulous people. From the staff and volunteers, to the families we serve, everyone in there has a great story to share, and a warm heart. It is a place of solitude and comfort for families and is simply the McHappiest place on earth.




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