Living in Limbo

If you’ve been reading along you should know where I’m at with my internship process – still waiting.

I applied for internships in the US (and Canada of course) as an unaffiliated, Canadian student. Since there are maybe 4 or 5 hospitals in Canada that accept independent interns (some of which did not offer an internship program this Fall), I knew that my chances of getting a spot were leaning Stateside. The challenge of finishing and sending applications has come and gone, and the stress of interviewing is long gone too. My current cause of stress? Am I even allowed to go to the United States to do this?! 

As a Canadian citizen, I am entitled to be in the States for up to 6 months, without a Visa. However, since I will be providing direct patient care as a Child Life intern, I do need a Visa. It has taken months to finally get someone who knew enough about Visas to provide me with this answer….only for me to find out that the hospital cannot sponsor the Visa I need. So now what? Do we give up? Never.

When things don’t go as planned, what do we do? We try to make it happen anyways. I am working with the hospital in hopes that they can find a way to get me there. I am ready to learn all that there is to learn to become a Child Life Specialist and we are working as a team to make this happen.

Bare in mind that if I AM able to get a Visa, I still don’t know where I’m going to live.

Am I stressed? Understatement. Am I nervous? You betcha. Am I excited? I was, and will be again when this all gets sorted out.

As of Sunday, I have moved home from London in preparation to move to Florida. I am not working and am not volunteering (as neither of these things are in my hometown). I am taking this time to spend with family and friends as I haven’t lived at home since (basically) 2012. I am enjoying my time and taking things day by day. People ask me what I’ll do if I can’t go to Florida, and in my mind I know my options and which option(s) I prefer…but until I know for sure, I’m keeping them to myself. As of now, I am going to Florida…one way or another I am (hopefully) going to make this happen.

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