Less in Limbo…

Well it’s official…

I am not completing my internship this Fall. Unfortunately, the hospital is unable to sponsor my Visa therefore I cannot complete my internship this Fall.

Am I disappointed? Very. Sad? Yes. Angry? A little.

I am really ready to put myself to work as a Child Life Specialist and knowing that that will be delayed is very disappointing and disheartening. I moved cities to come back home and prepare for my move to the States, left my job, and all of my volunteer roles, to properly prepare myself for my internship.

Of course, this is not an ideal situation – certainly not one I Β was expecting to be in – but I am going to make the most of it. I do have a plan B in mind; as I’ve learned with many things over the years, it’s important to have a backup.

When I have my feet more firmly planted and a plan more solidified, I will share it here.

Thank you to everyone who has congratulated and supported me through all of this. While my certification may be pushed back, my love for Child Life has not wavered in the slightest and I can promise you that one way or another I am going to make this happen for myself.

8 thoughts on “Less in Limbo…

  1. Alexx,

    Don’t get discouraged in this venture if your heart, passion, and soul is in this field. While it does prove to be a long road with hard work to get there, your time will come. As a teacher of almost 30 years I have been working on the requirements for 3 years as I near my retirement. This career is to be my next stop supporting children and families in a medical environment versus the home. I had everything aligned last summer after applying for summer internships. Interviews seemed to go well, sites liked my experience but no offer came. It was hard but not my time. I have tried new volunteer opportunities, continued to network, and taken a med term class just for my own learning. It would be later that I would understand that I would need to be home this summer supporting my own 20 something daughters with their own life challenges. SO in the end it was a blessing to be home for them. Hang in there, I have enjoyed reading about your journey!
    Jeannine in Michigan

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  2. Alexx,

    I am sorry to hear about your difficulties with the Visa. Getting into the field of child life is incredibly competitive and when you add to it the component of going to a new country it gets even more difficult. I personally have great respect for the international students who come through our internship program. I know that there are people who have done their internship in the US with a Visa, but all the ones I know have been affiliated with a university. While I can’t offer any advice regarding the Visa, If you haven’t already I would really encourage you to reach out and see if there have been any other people in Canada who have walked your path already. If you have any questions or need any specific advice, feel free to message me and I will be happy to help in any way that I can. Good luck!


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    1. Hi sarah,
      Thank you very much. I wasn’t able to find anyone who had done an internship while unaffiliated to a school (from Canada). I figured there’s no way I could be the only one but who knows. I’m going to be re-applying for January at Canadian hospitals but my concern is that I won’t be as lucky this time around. So we will see. I’m not giving up though. Just wish they would have told me this before I left my job, volunteering, and moved home. But oh well. Everything happens for a reason right? Trying to stay positive!


  3. Alexx,

    I am so sorry to hear this. I know how frustrating this must be for you, but keep your chin up. Things happen for a reason. Keep on trying!


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