All in the Community

Today marks Day 1 of Part 2 of my internship experience with Morgan and it was awesome. After resting up last week and reflecting on my adventure in Kenya, I (re-)packed my bags and moved to the big city of Toronto to continue my wonderful journey. I am here and settled and feeling very at peace with the transition so far.

After only one day Β I can already see the value of working with patients and clients in their homes or other settings in which they are comfortable in. It’s a really interesting concept and one that I think the child life world should be more openly and excitedly embracing. The need for successful coping does not stop once a patient is discharged from hospital. In fact, sometimes more support is needed once patients and families have settled back in their homes and it’s important for them to have these services available to them. Often times families who have faced a trauma or a loss are dealing with the concept of a “new normal” and speaking from experience, I can say that it’s not something that is easy to transition into. A good support system is always important for smooth transitions.

I am really excited to keep this journey going and to see more of what child life in the community looks like, and how that differs from child life in the hospital – which I am already very familiar with. It will be interesting to see how patients cope with procedural preparation in their own homes versus in a hospital and I am looking forward to working with children in maternal illness cases. I think that these opportunities will really allow me to hone in many new skills and improve upon ones I already have. I have always been interested in working with the sibling population in child life and I think that by being in this community role I will have an opportunity to further explore that area.

The excitement is building as I continue on this fantastic journey. Everyday I am learning more and more ways that child life can be incorporated into peoples’ lives – even those not impacted by medical or emotional trauma – it’s incredible. I have found myself being completely absorbed in child life and all the possibilities it holds for me both in and out of the hospital.

I hope to continue sharing my honest thoughts and opinions on the internship, my journey, and being a young professional in the child life field. Thank you to all who have supported me so far and who have offered words of encouragement when I needed them. This has not been an easy road but I can see the many rewards that come with this hard work.

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