1 Year

Evening, friends.

September 17 marks 1 year of blogging for me and it is insane to think about how much has happened over the last year. It’s funny…looking back on my first post I wrote, “my chosen route to get to my end goal is slightly out of the norm”, and boy was I ever right on the money with that statement.

To recap;

In my third year of university, I decided not to apply to McMaster’s diploma program until I completed four years of undergrad as I did not feel ready.
In my fourth year of university I applied to McMaster’s program and was not granted an interview. It was a very difficult thing to deal with. As a teen my mind required order, and careful planning and contemplating. The plan was to go to Mac after undergrad, graduate, and be a CCLS. Boom. Done. Simple. … yaa…about that. If you’ve been reading along you likely know that I have wanted to work in child life since I was a child myself, so holding off another year before I could begin studying child life was not an option I was willing to accept. So I found another option. Enter: UCSB Extension. After researching their program and weighing the pros and cons, the decision was made. This decision came with a whole heap of its own problems and challenges. I then found out that securing an internship was going to be difficult (but not impossible) by doing my education through UCSB. Why? Because UCSB cannot enter into contractual agreements with hospitals who require them (which is most). My goal was to complete an internship at a Canadian hospital, but with the McMaster program, it was proving to be incredibly difficult as very few hospitals take independent students. After an endless amount of research and work I found many places to apply to (USA & Canada) and applied for internships for this Fall. I received an offer and was set to complete my internship in the States this September. In July, I was told that I would not be able to do my internship as the hospital was incapable of sponsoring an intern visa for me to be in the States temporarily. I sent an email to someone who I consider to be an incredible role model, hard-working, and phenomenal CLS. This woman is now my internship supervisor and I have since completed my schooling through UCSB.

So…there have been bumps…^ there were a lot missing from my summary. What has remained unchanging in me throughout this entire process has been the passion and sheer love I have for child life and all that it has to offer patients and families. This internship has not only reinforced that but has proven to me that the possibilities are limitless in this field. Whether you’re in the hospital, in the court systems, in the community, or travelling the globe spreading the bubbles…child life is about making FUN happen in spite of the crisis, about allowing connections to form, creating positive networks, sharing resources, and most importantly, it’s about letting kids be kids.

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