5 Days

Another Sunday evening has approached which means I am getting ready to head in to another week of interning. Preparation plays an enormous component in the work we do in child life, so it’s been engrained in me to prepare (to the best of my ability) beforehand.

What does this preparation look like?

Well, I typically go through my day planner for the week and see what patients we have scheduled. This usually changes so I always check with my supervisor to confirm who we are seeing the following day so I can prepare accordingly. I pack my bags with some child life related reading for my streetcar ride in the morning, and plan my outfit. Plan your outfit? Yes! I plan my outfit each night so I can be fully prepared. Working in the community and in patients homes means I have somewhat of an idea of what to expect on the day. If we have planned on doing some painting, I wear clothes I don’t mind getting paint on. If I know we are visiting a little friend and will be sitting on the ground, I wear pants I know I don’t need to constantly pull up and are comfortable to sit in. Am I going to be walking all day (usually, yes)? Then comfy shoes are necessary. I have learned that these are important things to consider!

After double checking with Morgan what I’ll need for the following day or how I’ll need to prepare, I pack my bag so I know I have everything – if there are certain supplies/an activity I have planned, I need to make sure I don’t forget it! And of course, setting an alarm is crucial.

Tonight, however, my preparation is a little bit different. Tomorrow marks the beginning of my last week of interning and I am so sad … and excited … and nervous … I have been pushing myself to my limits since I started this adventure and I can’t believe it’s almost over. I am very excited for my next chapter (more on that another day) but sad to know that this one is finishing. I have learned so much but I feel like there is still more.

Either way, I have 5 days left of this placement so I am going to work my hardest and enjoy every last second.

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