Turn the Page

Monday October 31st…this week marks the first week of a new and very exciting chapter that I am happily accepting with open arms. This weekend has been crazy, and the build up to this week has all finally hit.

I don’t know about you, but I used to be absolutely terrified of change, or anything straying even remotely from the carefully planned out path I had in my head. However, because my passion – child life – is (well, has been) incredibly unpredictable for me, I have had to learn – to force myself – to be okay with change. I have come very far. So far that I not only am okay with change, but I embrace it, seek it, and ultimately look for all the positives that come along with it.

Friday marked the last day of my child life internship and if I could use only one word to describe my entire experience it would be…enlightening.

I have never worked as hard as I did when I was interning. I was up early almost every morning, prepping myself for the day ahead, and up late plenty of nights reading about cases/diagnoses we had or were going to be working on. I pushed myself to learn and to absorb as much as my brain could possibly hold in these three months I worked with Morgan and I honestly don’t feel like I learned enough…and I learned A LOT – more than I could even begin to articulate in this single blog post – but I know that there is still more. What I have come to accept is that there will always be more and that I need to be not only willing to continue learning, but excited to, rather than scared that I haven’t learned “enough”.

So I’m finished interning…now what? Well, today I begin my full-time job as a nanny for a beautiful one year old girl here in Toronto. On top of that, I have been preparing to write the Child Life Certification Exam, and I also moved in to a new apartment. There have been lots of changes taking place, but like I said, I am learning to embrace, accept, and love them all.

Using the child life knowledge I have, I have done my best to keep my worries and anxieties related to all of these changes at bay, and to do my best to just go with the flow. However, with time, I’ve learned that it’s okay to admit when some worries are too much to carry on your own….so I gave one of my worries to my new friend, Pomm – she’s going to hang on to this one for me.

So my new chapter has begun. What does this mean? I am not entirely sure. I can say one thing – I am proud of myself for making it this far and never giving up on the dream that I have held on to for so long. I am one (huge) step closer to reaching my goal of becoming a Certified Child Life Specialist. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I will not stop until I am through to the other side.



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