2 days

I have spent the last several weeks reading and re-reading all of my child life textbooks, notes, and lectures in preparation for the child life professional certification exam.

As I have mentioned in many posts, I wanted the purpose of this blog to be honesty about my journey to becoming an employed, certified child life specialist. I was questioning whether or not to talk about the exam and when I will write it; what if I don’t pass? Not only will I feel very embarrassed because I have made it known to others when I’m writing, but I will have the obligation in my writing to discuss my disappointment…not something I am too keen on doing. But, at the end of the day, what is an honest blog without honest posts?

I write my child life exam at 1:30pm on Tuesday in Markham, Ontario. I feel prepared. I have studied, and learned from a wonderful supervisor and mentor. I have gotten tips from many who have recently written the exam, as well as helpful study and test-taking strategies. I have written practice tests and have done well on all of them.

No matter how much I study and feel ready, I know that come Tuesday I will still be incredibly nervous. While this test may not seem big to those unfamiliar with child life, know that this is the biggest and most important test I have written in my life to date. If I don’t pass, I know I can re-write in March, but that’s not the point. This has been my goal and dream for as long as I can remember, so I will pass the test on my first try. I have never been a very good test-taker unfortunately, but I feel positive, and prepared.

So…whatever happens, happens. But do me a favour…keep your fingers crossed until I tell you to un-cross them.


2 thoughts on “2 days

  1. Good Luck Alexx!!! I will be thinking of you on Tuesday. I know you will do well. Child Life is your passion and I am sure you will accomplish your goal sooner than later.

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