Status: Certified

For those of you that have been sitting anxiously at the edge of your seats to find out whether or not I passed the professional exam yesterday – the wait is over and….




as you probably already guessed from the title…



I, Alexandria Friesen, am officially a Certified Child Life Specialist

I have no words – I actually shrieked when I got my letter handed to me with the words “Results: Pass” written on it.

People keep saying things like, “the journey is over” and “the hard part is done” … *crickets* … uh … they must have forgot about the job hunting part.

Like I said in a previous post, I am currently working as a full-time nanny for an adorable 1 year old girl here in the city. I have been with the family for almost 3 weeks now and I’m loving it. She is so sweet and funny and full of personality – there is never a dull moment. Do I want a child life job? You bet I do. Am I happy with where I’m at? You bet I am.

Because I have been in the pursuit of this career for my whole life (maybe not my whole life, but I’d say 15 years is a long time to pursue something as a 23 year old!), I already know and have accepted the fact that a job opening in this field in the geographical location you want it in, is slim. Of course with child life there is so much room to grow, and to expand services in to other areas of the community and hospitals. But let’s face it – I just got certified yesterday…so, I’m giving myself a break.

Do I expect a job? Yes. Right now? Absolutely not. Am I craving more and more child life as the days pass? Of course I am! But, just like I said about internships, no one owes me anything. It is up to me to prove myself to the child life world and I will do just that. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or even next year, but my day will come, and when it does…watch out, world!


4 thoughts on “Status: Certified

    1. Thank you! This looks amazing! I am going to have to do some more research. Thank you for sharing! I’m sure I will be in touch 🙂


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