Hello everyone! I am sorry I have been so missing in action the last few weeks. As we know the holidays are crazy busy for everyone, so unfortunately my blog has been left a little neglected…but I am here to provide an update!

In case I forgot to mention, I am nannying for two 13-month old girls, not just one, as a part of a nanny share agreement between two families. While it is not the hands-on child life-specific work I want to be doing, I am really enjoying my time working with both families – besides, I do get the opportunity to provide continuous learning and developmentally appropriate play for my little ladies…so it’s child life-ish!

I knew going in to CL that jobs were not going to be an easy thing to come by, and I think it’s important for anyone entering this field to realize. However, I have accepted that I am young and while I have a lot of great experiences under my belt, there is always room for more. That being said, I am more than happy to embrace the nanny life until child life comes my way and I highly recommend others do the same! Being a nanny provides you with the opportunity to connect with families on a personal level while also allowing you to practice and apply many other important skills that will lend themselves useful in the child life world. So for those that are unsure of how to be spending their post-certification/pre-child life job phase, nannying is a fabulous option to keep in mind.

In addition to my lovely little ladies, I have also ensured to remain active in the community child life world by working with some patients I worked with during my internship. I have really enjoyed this not only because I get to practice real child life work, but because we formed a therapeutic relationship over the course of my internship that I am more than happy to maintain and develop further now that I am certified.

The chances of another post coming along before the new year is slim, so I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Stay safe, have fun, and spread the holiday cheer with the ones you love.

Just because I won’t be active on here, does not mean I will be silent everywhere else. That being said, be sure to stay tuned and in touch on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest – and remember I can always be contacted by email at, even over the holidays.

Thank you for following me through this incredibly topsy-turvy year – I hope I will see you in the new year. 


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