New Year, New Adventures

I cannot believe how much I have neglected my blog the last few months; but let me tell you, I have exciting news!!

About a month ago I interviewed for a full time child life specialist position at a local hospital and shortly thereafter received the offer. I have been working as a child life specialist at Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga for about a month now and I am absolutely loving it. As the only CLS for the hospital I am responsible for the paediatric inpatient unit, the outpatient oncology clinic, the pre-surgery clinic, and I have been trying to make myself available and services known to other areas as well (without spreading myself too thin!).

With this being my first, in-hospital, full time position, I am determined to make the most of it and absorb everything I can. I have always wanted to pilot a program at a child life-less hospital so having the opportunity to run a one-person program is truly incredible.

The only downside to this position (minus the commute!)? It’s only one year while their permanent CLS is on maternity leave. BUT I am 100% ready to make this the best, most successful year in my short career and to continue to grow this program and show the awesome team there just how valuable child life is.

So folks, I did it! This job is an incredible opportunity that I am so honoured to have! The team I have had the chance to get to know so far is so receptive of child life, so welcoming to me as a healthcare professional, and grateful to have me. I have a lot of plans and goals for this little paediatric program over the next 12 months and while I know I may not get to do everything on my list, I am going to work my butt off to give the kids at this hospital everything I have to give them.

With a total of 4 hours spent commuting Monday to Friday, I have had to get used to these weird new hours. I have definitely been more tired, but if I didn’t absolutely love my job, there is no way you’d see me getting up at 5:30am everyday! I know things will not be all smooth sailing this year (and in years to come), but I am ready for the challenges that get thrown my way. Just keep your fingers crossed that I learn to become a morning person!! 🙂

As always, for those in pursuit of the coveted CCLS designation, my inbox is always open and I am always happy to share my ~*wisdom*~ and help walk you through the next steps of your own child life journey. Feel free to email me any time at

I will do my very best to keep my blog updated with new and exciting things I’m doing, but on the off chance that I can’t keep that promise, please follow along on social media. Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are far easier to update! 😉 You can find me on those three social media platforms at @ChildLifeAlexx, and I’m happy to answer questions and messages through there as well! AND don’t forget to check out Child Life For Canadian Students on Facebook, if you’re a Canadian looking to get involved in this beautiful field.

Happiest of New Years to you all!



2 thoughts on “New Year, New Adventures

  1. HI Alex,

    Congrats on landing a position as a Child Life Specialist! I came across your blog as I was seeing others CLS blogs. I do hope to continue following you. It is inspiring to hear you have this opportunity and have a blog already. I am thinking about starting a blog and currently researching this idea to make sure it is something I can keep up with.

    Warm regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! If you saw my most recent post you know I am SO behind in blogging so I literally just saw this. Thank you so much for your comment – did you end up starting a blog? If you did let me know! And I’ll add it to my resources page! 🙂


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