Awkward Video Update


I made this video to update you but it’s super awkward because I don’t know how to talk on video.

But here it is for those who have been wondering where I have been!

Thanks for sticking around…you rock.



3 thoughts on “Awkward Video Update

  1. Yay you!!
    We are going to be great together next year 😉
    Keep your passion and energy going.. but remember to take care and slow down sometimes too so you can have a long career (says the girl who almost burnt out holding 3 CL jobs .. and taking a LOT of work home😝) The little smiles count just as much as the big projects so give yourself credit every day. So proud of you!!!


  2. Oh please do it anytime! I love seeing your beautiful face and hearing you talk and laugh ☺️ Don’t ever think you’re wasting anyone’s time! Quite the opposite my dear ❤️ Thanks for the update and I’ll be praying about your transition coming in January 🙏🏻 Love you so much 😘😘

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